Interactive Games means the viewer can participate in the games, including simulated design, virtual balls, 360° imaging, multiplayer game and other entertainment games.

Interactive Games can experience space experiment, earthquake experience and we provide the turnkey solution of these production.

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1、Simulated shooting  

Simulated shooting
Virtual shooting system is through HD digital projector to project all kinds of real environment on the screen; whatever ever-changing target or crowded enemies, subduction fighter; the shooter holds the rhth and seizes the moment to shoot it fast; on the training of marksmanship, accurating aim, finding the shooting sense to receive the happiness of victory.
The whole system has the advantage of realistic picture, dynamic and excited, around stereo, the computer automatic identification, rich shooting content. It uses simulated wireless light gun which can shoot at any free location, any attitude; increase the reality sense during the shooting.


2、Visual Boating

Simulated shooting
This system uses photo electricity sensor technology. In the exhibition area, it has a boat which can take many people. It has two pairs of oars and when the visitor scull the boat, the sensor will gather the signal of two-bladed; the visual boat will move on the screen with sound of water. The faster the oars moves, the faster the boat moves. The viewer can see the full view of the water-town. It uses advance visual reality technology to simulate the real stroke scene. The boad is fixed on the ground. In the front of boat projection screen, it has a visual scene of boating competition. There is a sensor on the boat spindle which can test the consistency of oars actions. The computer can control the boat direction and speed in visual scene according to sensor testing result.
People could feel the fun of boating from visual scene by using visual reality and sensor and testing technology in the simulated scene.